About Indigo Policy Project

The Indigo Policy project is a three year FP7 coordination and support action project with India. It supports and coordinates bilateral activities and initiatives between Europe and India in order to build mutual areas of interest between the two regions in Scientific, Technological and Innovation fields. The project builds up on the S&T Agreement signed in 2001, reinforcing a long standing cooperation that started in the mid 80’s between the EU and India. The treaty has been extended in 2009 a year where other important policy initiatives have been developed. They are now being translated into high quality and mutually beneficial cooperative programs, projects and policy dialogues. Indigo Policy is committed to support these STI dialogue structures and projects. 

Indigo Policy Project’s main objectives are: 

-  supporting the Group of Senior Officials (GSO) through GSO thematic groups and meetings. The GSO is composed by officials from India, the Member States and the European Commission and helps the EU-India Strategic Forum for International S&T Cooperation (SFIC) in guiding, coordinating and monitoring the Indo-European partnership. Indigo Policy will assist the GSO working group with organisational support and as a Secretariat for its Thematic Groups. 

- supporting and coordinating twinning programs between Indian and European researchers and/ or institutions in the field of Biotechnology. A small twinning program will be implemented, based on good practice examples. pilot twinning projects will be selected  for grants that will enable researchers to initiate exploratory visits, discuss their future joint activities and start collaboration. 

- supporting and coordinating the three new editions of the EU-INDIA STI Cooperation DAYS. The 2-day annual events will be hosted in India (twice) and in Europe (once) with the aim of promoting and enhancing EU-India Scientific Cooperation. During these events participants coming from the Industry and Research fields, will learn more about funding opportunities and the rules of participation. They will also be invited to contribute to the definition of future research topics of mutual interest for the EU and India.

- setting up a Water Technology Platform in India. These will represent the strategic moment of contact between the different actors - companies, institutions, universities and financial groups - operating in Europe and India in the specific area of technological innovation in the water sector. They will define a thematic water technology roadmap, develop a business model and support its implementation 

Main Project’s target groups are:

•    Policy makers
•    Science policy experts
•    Researchers 
•    SMEs and large Companies
•    Indian and European 7th Framework programme and bilateral programmes project participants
•    Funding agencies

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological
development and demonstration.

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