INNO INDIGO is a horizontal ERA-Net with India and is the successor project of New INDIGO (2009-2013), which successfully implemented schemes for EU-India transnational calls for proposals (New INDIGO Partnership Programme). The calls have developed from simple networking and mobility funding towards the funding of research projects open for Small and Middle size enterprises (SME) involvement. Through these activities the EU-India STI cooperation has already been put on a smooth basis by the regular publication of joint transnational calls. The applied call mechanisms proved to be applicable even with changing funding partners, thematic scopes, funding amounts and funding instruments.

Within the lifetime of INNO INDIGO the implementation of three calls for proposals is foreseen. Beyond the preparation and implementation of joint calls one central aim is to optimize the outreach of INNO INDIGO and facilitate the networking of funding organizations in Europe and India.

INNO INDIGO will offer opportunities for interested funding organizations to participate in all steps taken towards the implementation and management of EU-India transnational calls. The experiences from the past five years will be used in order to further enhance EU-India cooperation, as well as in order to support and further develop bilateral as well as multilateral activities. There are various new elements addressed in the INNO INDIGO ERA-Net as e.g. how to bring ideas to market, how to support young researchers, how to develop new forms of collaboration etc.

INNO INDIGO will also consider input from other relevant sources like the Indian government, the European Commission or the EU-MS/AS (also in the context of the GSO).

To conclude: By the various approaches of joint funding it was examined and proofed, that new EU-India funding mechanisms are technically feasible, they are attractive, they add value to the collaboration and their results are positive. The next step would be to reach a higher relevance of the mechanisms and to create higher impact and outreach aiming at the development of a persisting, non-project-based institutional implementation.

Main objectives:

  • Innovation related approaches: in the focus of INNO INDIGO are the involvement of SMEs/Industries as well as Clusters/Networks of Excellence/Competence

  • Regions: INNO INDIGO will connect its efforts to the support of “Innovation” as a tasks mainly assisted by the “regions” in Europe and India and address regions as funding partners

  • Provide budget for research: INNO INDIGO will focus on motivating  funding organizations in Europe and India to participate in joint calls for proposals

  • Visibility: INNO INDIGO will be successful when becoming a common platform for European and Indian funding organizations to finance jointly research and innovation, especially for EU countries that do not have bilateral programmes with India and develop visions on new forms of collaboration

  • Policy driven: INNO INDIGO will translate political decisions from different sources (EU-MS, India Gov, Regions, SME-Associations, SFIC and the GSO) into practical and tangible funding mechanisms.

Find more information about the INNO INDIGO Project in the INNO INDIGO Project Brochure.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological
development and demonstration.

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