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INNO INDIGO Valorization Programme



The INDIGO Partnership Programmes have enabled the funding of 46 projects involving European and Indian R&I partners.

The monitoring reports of the projects funded under the New INDIGO and INNO INDIGO Partnership Programme (NPP/IPP) show that a number of projects have developed promising results which have commercialisation potential. In order to make full use of these results, INNO INDIGO has developed a valorisation programme to support the Indian and European partners with training activities and a light mentoring scheme. The specific goal of this action is to empower R&I partners and provide them with relevant tools and expertise to develop their roadmaps for the market uptake of projects results.


What´s in it for you?

The INNO INDIGO VALORIZATION PROGRAMME supports projects for the definition of their roadmaps for scaling up their research results. 2 out of the three steps are open to the general public. The third step is designed especially for INDIGO funded projects.


The programme consists of 3 complementary parts:

1. MOOC: Online Training

NOW OPEN: register **open to public**

2. WEBINAR: Mentoring Scheme

**all recordings available now**

3. WORKSHOP: Working on outcomes of MOOC and Webinars

**access upon application**


Find out about the three initatives:



 The online training will consist in the MOODLE SCALING UP METHODOLOGY presenting 4 key fundamental phases of the scaling up process:

  1. Create a Vision
  2. Assess Scalability
  3. Fill Information Gaps
  4. Prepare a Scaling Up Plan

The aim is to develop a scaling up plan. General descriptions of the methodology and some practical tools will help scaliing up of results/models or projects. You will then apply these theoretical aspects to you own projects supported by the templates provided in the course. The MOOC is designed in three consecutive phases:

First phase: Focusing on the scaling up plan and learning from best practices:

  •  Task 1- Create a vision
  •  Task 2- Assess scalability
  •  Task 3- Complete required information
  •  Task 4- Prepare a scaling up plan

Second phase: Establishing the pre-conditions, change in management functions and resource allocation:

  •  Task 5- Legitimize change
  •  Task 6- Build a constituency
  •  Task 7- Realign and mobilize resources

Third phase: Taking care of operational aspects of multi-actor programme implementation

  •  Task 8- Modifying and Strengthening Organizations
  •  Task 9- Coordinating Action
  •  Task 10- Tracking Performance and Maintaining Momentum

Join today and find out about the basics of the upscaling process!
Participation is free of charge. Registration is requried.
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Contact: Ms. Begoña Benito


2. MENTORING via Webinars

Between 21st of February and 24th of March 2017, a series of 6 webinars complemented the aspects presented in the MOOC. Each of the 60min webinars featured a relevant aspect of the scaling up process.The recordings of each webinar are now online.

Each webinar was organised as follows:

  • every week one  webinar starting from 21st of February 2017
  • Time: 11.00am GMT (12.00pm CET and 4.30pm New Delhi’s time).
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Platform: Go To Webinar

Innovation players will benefit from a comprehensive support action and will foster the definition of the concrete roadmaps to scale up their project results.

The webinar series:


Focus and recordings

Access now

Webinar #0

INNO INDIGO Valorization Programme

recorded webinar

Detailed schedule

Introduction Valorisation Programme

Introduction MOOC

STI Landscape India

Webinar #1

How to increase Projects’ TRL ?

recorded webinar

Detailed schedule


Advancing TRL

Experiences with TRL and ARL

Webinar #2

Social, Frugal and Inclusive Innovation

recorded webinar

Detailed schedule


Frugal Innovation

Social Innovation

The Triangle: Social-Frugal-Inclusive Innovation

Webinar #3

Technology Transfer

recorded webinar

Detailed schedule


Indian Experience

From Research to the Market

Webinar #4

IPR in Europe and India

recorded webinar

Detailed schedule


IP Commercialisation

IPR India

Webinar #5

Communication Strategy for Research Projects reaching out to a broader Public

recorded webinar

Detailed schedule


Communication Strategy

Contact: Ms. Chiara Davalli


3. WORKSHOP: complete first two steps

 On 21st of April 2017, INNO INDIGO will organize a full 1 day workshop for a selection of INDIGO funded projects selected for the mentoring scheme.

The valorisation workshop will close the set of online training and mentoring activities. We expect the participants to have worked on their scaling up roadmaps between February and March 2017 (by using the MOOC/MOODLE and the mentoring support). The valorisation workshop will represent the final milestone of this process, when their individual roadmaps will be validated with peers and experts.

The workshop will consist of:

  • Pitching session, where the selected projects will present their results and scaling up plans to a set of experts;
  • Feedback from experts and peers; and
  • Two training sessions (for example business modelling and marketing).

Participation is free of charge. Application is required:

Contact: Ms. Begoña Benito

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological
development and demonstration.

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