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Overview and objectives of INNO INDIGO Platform for Funders

One central aim of the platform is to optimize the outreach of INNO INDIGO and facilitate the networking of funding organizations in Europe and India. It will also offer opportunities for interested funding organizations to participate in all steps taken towards the implementation and management of the upcoming EU-India transnational calls for proposals and to discuss chances to enhance the EU-India STI cooperation.

The Platform for Funders main tasks are:

  1. Discussion, preparation and management of joint calls.

  2. Enhancing relevance especially in terms of the outreach to countries / regions / funding organisations not yet involved in European-Indian STI collaboration

  3. Offer a platform for the initiatives discussed within the GSO framework

  4. Including new elements: enhance the exchange of information especially with regards to the involvement of innovation players in order to move towards market oriented research

  5. Paving the way for sustainable trans-national funding programmes without EC funding

The participation of funding organisations in INNO INDIGO’s Platform for Funders does not imply any commitment to the participation in a subsequent joint call. Rather, the Platform for Funders should serve as an open, continuous platform that ensures an ongoing dialogue on a working level among a wide range of EU and Indian stakeholders.

Platform for Funders’ meeting

The platform for funders meetings are crucial for the networking, exchange of information and planning of Indo-European multilateral activities.

There are two different types of meetings:

  • Annual platform meetings. The aim is to involve new funders in discussions as well as the science community and innovation players.
  • Small (virtual) platform meetings. Whenever needed there will be smaller (virtual) platform meetings in order to discuss remaining open questions on calls under preparation or already running as well as to discuss funded research projects.

For more information

For more information on the Platform for Funders please see the document Outlining the Platform for Funders.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological
development and demonstration.

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