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Focal Points and NCPs

Role and Responsibilities of the NCPs 


The network of National Contact Points (NCPs) is the main structure to provide guidance, practical information and assistance on all aspects of participation in Horizon 2020. NCPs are national structures established and financed by the EU governments states and the states associated to HORIZON 2020. They are also established in many non-EU and non-associated countries ("third countries"). NCPs give personalised support on the spot and in applicants' own languages.

NCPs provide the following services:
•      Guidance on choosing relevant H2020 topics and types of action
•      Advice on administrative procedures and contractual issues
•      Training and assistance on proposal writing
•      Distribution of documentation (forms, guidelines, manuals etc.)
•      Assistance in partner search

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological
development and demonstration.

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